What the hell is a Virtual Assistant?ladies-virtual-assistants

When people ask me what I do for a living, I hesitate and then tell them “I’m a Virtual Assistant.” They look back at me with a blank expression and ask “What’s that?”  So I tell them that I’m a self employed Freelancer who works with clients from home. This triggers the next question …“But how do you help, what do you do?

I describe it as Online Office Support because I connect with clients via the internet, email, or Skype.  What I do each day depends on what clients need done.  Sometimes it can be one-off projects like creating a customer database that captures their customer’s details in one file. It can be managing their social media sites so they can focus on other business activities.  It can also be assisting the client with a marketing campaign or customer survey.  The list is endless but you can get a better idea by reading this online article which tells you all the ways a Virtual Assistant can take care of the little jobs that take up so much of your precious time.  The article is written by Nina Feldman of the IVAA, just click the link to read more  101 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant

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