Gillian B’s current rates are competitive and fair.

Hourly Rate

The standard hourly rate is €25.  Special Client Packages are customised for regular clients on retainers who require a number of hours on a weekly or monthly basis.  Price Packages can also be customised for specific tasks or projects and priced accordingly.  A proposal is sent out to the client shortly after a client consultation.  So how does that work?

The client consultation involves clarifying what work needs to be done, how it needs to be done and by when it needs to be done.  This can be achieved through a phone call and/or email correspondence.  Once the job specifications are clear, a proposal is sent to the client clearly outlining the tasks involved and the appropriate rates/pricing package.

You are guaranteed a professional and reliable service. Still not sure? Check out what Gillian B’s clients have to say. Client Testimonials.