Clients Say

Clients say

“Gillian has been providing comms services to IMPF including social media, newsletter, articles and Canva graphics since 2019. Gillian is highly reliable and trustworthy – qualities that are particularly important when working remotely. She has helped streamline both the internal and external comms of the organisation; she is very proactive and responsible and gets on with the job at hand. It’s a pleasure to work with her as part of the extended Secretariat.” Ger HattonIMPF – Independent Music Publishers International Forum

“Working with Gillian has been a great support to my business. Working to improve systems and assist ongoing needs, has been fantastic. I have comfort knowing the work will be done and Gillian is working to specific timeframes (which is needed in my profession).”  Wendy Merrigan, W Merrigan & Co.

“I’ve worked with Gillian for over 4 years and in that time-frame, she has been able to take on more and more of the support work for AMA Results. She is organised, efficient and really easy to work with. She is able to work on her own initiative to suggest things to change, based on what she sees from the work she is doing. Over the past year, her work has expanded to include admin; social media; emails & monitoring of tender requirements.” Aoife Mollin, AMA Results

“Gillian has been my Virtual Assistant for almost a year now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Having her in my life has made a real difference to me and my business.  Gillian does administrative tasks that are both time consuming and stressful for me. She has worked on my GDPR requirements, mailing lists, accounts and managed my emails and diary. This leaves me free to concentrate on my client work and on growing the business.  But Gillian is not just an administrator. She has helped me to grow my business through updating my social media, researching opportunities for reaching out to potential clients and groups, researching material for use in my communication materials and helping to keep me focused on the important tasks (that I like to avoid!). I find Gillian trustworthy, efficient, honest and highly effective. I would highly recommend working with her to save yourself time, energy and to reduce your stress levels.”  Lily Murphy,  Blue Heron Leadership Coaching

“As a small business owner, I have found Gillian B’s services invaluable.  Gillian delivers each piece of work on time and within budget and always clearly communicates the steps that will be taken to complete the work.  If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy support for your business operations, Gillian B is highly recommended.” Stefanie Langer, Bridge-it

“What I love about working with Gillian is that I can rely on her totally.  She does what she says she will do, within the time and on budget. Often exceeding expectations too. She is a professional who gives thought to each job she undertakes and her experience shows through in the attention to detail she gives to her work. There aren’t many who go beyond the job in hand and apply lateral thinking even to the most simplest of tasks. Gillian does this – every time, and in the most unassuming way.  For SME’s and Business Owners who want to get on with the job and know there is someone dependable, trustworthy and who appreciates the importance of reputation, Gillian provides a most valuable service.” Janie Lazar, MUCH MORE THAN WORDS

“Gillian is brilliant! Within a week she whipped my business into shape, putting organisation on everything from files to processes and embedded herself in what Johnny Magory books are all about. Working with Gillian is a pleasure, she has amazing attention to detail and a flexible, professional approach.  I am 100% confident that Gillian represents my business exactly how I would, and have been bowled over by the results since we began working together a few months ago. She has built relationships, increased orders and sales, and continually gives insights and recommendations on promotion. Cannot recommend enough.”  Emma-Jane Leeson, Johnny Magory Adventures.

“Gillian is a highly organized, hardworking, pleasant lady. She undertook an investigative study for our business and it was a very useful piece of research for our team. It was helpful to outsource this part of the work and focus ourselves on analyzing the data. I would highly recommend Gillian skills as a virtual assistant to any business.” Maria Fenlon, Maria Fenlon Interiors

“Gillian handled our project with consideration giving us a clear idea of the procedures she would undertake, results to be expected, time of delivery and price. She delivered on time and on budget. She made what could be a stressful time for us, comfortable. We felt we were dealing with a professional who understood our needs.  Thank you Gillian!”  Robbie & Liza, MOMENTUM ACTING STUDIO