Being grateful.

When I wrote my last blog post I never imagined that 10 months on we would still be living with COVID-19.  I suspected it would be with us for a while but I was optimistic that we would be mask-free and back up and running by the Autumn.  Now here we are in winter and in a New Year and the situation seems worse than ever. Such strange times for all of us.

On a positive note, I am surviving as a Virtual Assistant.  Little has changed in my line of work as I have operated remotely for nearly 4 years now. I am so grateful for the fact that I have had the privilege of working with some super clients during these tough times. It’s amazing to see how they have adapted and moved their services online.  Thanks to today’s technology a lot of businesses will survive this crisis. I know mine has! Yes, it can be lonely, because I see much less of my friends and family than before but I am grateful for ZOOM!

I am still optimistic that the rollout of vaccines and the other measures in place will lead us out of this pandemic and I am sure that the future will bring a new surge in online Irish businesses as well as Virtual Assistants.  So, despite it all, I am very grateful.

Here’s to a much better year ahead.

Published by Gillian B Virtual Assistant

I am a Virtual Assistant working remotely from home I provide Online Office Support to business owners and SMEs.

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